May 26
Learning What It Means to Be Fully Human
InterVarsity Press author Jean Vanier wins the Templeton Prize for his work in L’Arche.
May 20
InterVarsity Is Back in Arkansas
InterVarsity staff and alumni have teamed up to plant a new chapter at the University of Arkansas.
May 14
InterVarsity Enters Leadership Transition
Alec Hill battles cancer, board to plan leadership search.

From the Blog

3 Traits of a Good Leader

I used to think a leader was someone who knows a lot, talks a lot, and works a lot. 

From InterVarsity Press

Saying Is Believing
What if our view of testimony is all wrong? Integrating sociological analysis and theological reflection, Amanda Drury presents testimony as not merely something that describes what happened in the past, but as an essential practice for Christian spiritual formation, especially for adolescents in the process of developing their identity.
The Master Musician
Renowned Christian musician John Michael Talbot calls the church to greater unity and service under God's authority. A parable of God as Master Musician and God's people as his instruments, this spiritual meditation draws us into closer union with Jesus and each other. A free download is available for the companion song of the same name.


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