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Oct 14
Creating Connections on Campus
Javier Tarango-Sho has helped re-shape campus ministry at UC-Berkeley.
Oct 10
Principled Pluralism
InterVarsity President Alec Hill suggests a phrase to improve dialogue about deep issues.
Oct 8
CSU Derecognition – The First Month
In spite of being derecognized on California State University campuses, positive things happen.

From the Blog

Admit It: You Don’t Care About the World

I didn’t care about the world.

From InterVarsity Press

The Acts of the Apostles
Recently discovered in the Durham Cathedral Library, J. B. Lightfoot's commentary on the Acts of the Apostles is a landmark event of great significance to both church and academy. Carefully transcribed and edited, these texts give us a new appreciation for Lightfoot's contributions to biblical scholarship.
Know Why You Believe
Paul Little responds to the toughest intellectual questions posed to Christians, including: Do science and Scripture conflict? Are miracles possible? Is Christian experience real? Why does God allow suffering and evil?


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