Praying for Peace in Ukraine

Gordon Govier
January 27, 2014

The images from street demonstrations in Ukraine are striking, particularly the images of Orthodox priests carrying crosses and standing between the demonstrators and police. One image in particular caught the attention of Bob Grahmann, now Director of InterVarsity’s Link program, and formerly a resident of Kiev, Ukraine for nine years.

The photo shows ministry colleague Denis Gorenkov, in an orange jacket and holding a Bible, standing with Orthodox priests and several women on a street strewn with rocks which had been flung at police by demonstrators. Gorenkov is general secretary of CCX, InterVarsity’s sister student movement in Ukraine through the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

January 27, 2014

“They” Are All the Same

Christena Cleveland
cross-cultural interactions and perceptions

I attended one of those fancy-schmancy New England boarding schools that seem to only exist in movies. 


He Felt God Tug on His Heart

January 24, 2014

Gary Cowman had no interest in Africa when he left his hometown to attend California State University – Fullerton. He had grown up in Laguna Beach and intended to become an accountant. How did this future accountant end up spending the last 24 years in Kenya?  Just how God worked in the life of this InterVarsity student is reported in a story that appeared this week in the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot.

There’s more to the story, in an article on InterVarsity’s Urbana website.

Photo by Don Leach, used by permission of the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot.

Midwest Faculty Symposium

Various Campuses
March 1, 2014
On March 1, the Midwest Faculty Symposium on The End of the University? will be offered on multiple campus sites. The featured presenter will be President Santa J. Ono, PhD, University of Cincinnati.

Believers in Business Conference

New York, NY
February 14, 2014 - February 15, 2014
Friday, 6:00pm to Saturday, 6:00pm Redeemer Presbyterian Church 150 West 83rd Street New York, NY

Inside Radical Faith

Amy Hauptman
January 21, 2014

When your dad starts an underground church movement in your home country, it’s going to affect you.

Growing up overseas as an only child, Jeremy Lee witnessed his parents living out radical and sacrificial Christian faith in their home and in their workplaces. His dad started a Bible study at his workplace even though it was dangerous in their country to do so.  As more people joined and got involved in the Bible study, it eventually grew into an underground church movement.

“My family’s values were based around hospitality and servanthood,” said Jeremy. “My mom and dad were very comfortable opening our home to missionaries or friends—they believe that God’s blessings should not be taken for granted, but be utilized to serve others.”

When Jeremy was eight years old he dedicated his life to following Christ. But his faith was very “surface-level.”

January 20, 2014

Why We Can Hope for True Racial Reconciliation

Drew Jackson
Martin Luther King Jr., the gospel, and racial reconciliation

Reconciliation and new creation sit at the heart of the gospel.

January 17, 2014

What Kind of Savior Is This?

Ryan Hammill
Global Urban Trek students

What happens when we follow God’s heart right into the midst of the urban poor?


InterVarsity Launches Two New Ministries

January 17, 2014


(St. Louis, MO) – Focused ministries to athletes and artists were launched in a special ceremony that was held during InterVarsity’s National Staff Conference in St. Louis, January 7-11, 2014. Both ministries have been growing steadily from small beginnings and have spread to campuses across the country in the three years since InterVarsity’s last staff conference.

January 15, 2014

Who’s Missing from the Church

Debbie Abbs
Who's missing from the church

While Jesus was on earth, he went to those who lived on the margins of life. 

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