September 19, 2014

When Church Hurts

Julia Powers
When church hurts

Several years ago, I didn’t want to go to church ever again. 

September 18, 2014

How to Choose a Church

Matt Meyer
How to choose a church

I have four simple words of advice for you if you’re looking for a church: it’s not about you.


Living on the Edges with Isaiah

September 18, 2014

This summer, I camped in the book of Isaiah. It was eerie how the prophet matched my life in terms of polarities: joy and sorrow, triumph and tragedy, hope and despair. One passage in particular, Isaiah 43:1-7, captured my many twists and turns.

Fear Not

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.”

It is easy to fall into fear when hard times occur: when a man randomly walks into my former university and shoots three students; when past InterVarsity president Steve Hayner is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; when the chancellor of the California State System (CSU) rejects our final appeal and derecognizes our 23 chapters.

But the Lord tells us not to fear. Why? Because we are His children. Why? Because He has redeemed us. Why? Because He is sovereign.

The Presence of Christ in a Hurting World

Lisa Rieck
September 15, 2014

InterVarsity alumna Ann Dominguez has one driving passion. As she puts it, it’s to “bring the transformative power of the gospel into every situation in my life.”

It’s a passion that springs from her years in InterVarsity, when she watched her staff workers live out their faith in very practical, authentic, consistent ways. Now she seeks to model that faithfulness in her own life through a deep commitment to be exactly who God has made her to be and allow God to use her at every moment in whatever situation and place he’s called her to.

September 15, 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

Adam Jeske
7 deadly sins: lust

Why am I writing about lust?

September 12, 2014

How to Talk About Jesus Without Being Awkward

Lisa Liou
How to talk about Jesus without being awkward

In the past year, I have found myself in more conversations about Jesus with people outside the Christian faith than in any other year since college.


Committed to Campus Ministry

Gordon Govier
September 11, 2014

Looking back now, Liz and Jesse North see one glaring omission at the beginning of their marriage. “Our whole married lives have been about ministry with InterVarsity but there was nobody from InterVarsity at our wedding,” Liz said.

Married just four months before leaving Pennsylvania for Orientation of New Staff (ONS) in Wisconsin, Liz and Jesse hardly knew any InterVarsity students or staff. They had met at Shippensburg University, which does not have an InterVarsity chapter.

What Shippensburg University did have was an independent Christian fellowship that used InterVarsity chapter camp for leadership development. Liz attended chapter camp for three out of her four years at Shippensburg. “It was at camp where I really fell in love with Scripture for the first time,” she said.

September 10, 2014

Is This the Hardest Part of Being an Adult?

Adam Jeske
The hardest part of being an adult

You know what it means to become an adult, right?

September 08, 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

Andrea Lama
7 deadly sins: pride

Suddenly, in my mind, I’m tearing my coworker apart limb from limb. 

September 04, 2014

The Secret to Connecting to People Different from Us

Andy Kim
Connecting to People Different from Us

Old friends. Mom’s home cooking. Your favorite pair of jeans. There’s something undeniably comforting about the familiar.

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