Jun 26
“I Am Worn Out from My Groaning”
It has been a long year, with so many incidents of racial violence, accompanied by grief and pain.
Jun 19
InterVarsity Chapters Return to CSU
California State University is once again recognizing InterVarsity chapters.
Jun 8
InterVarsity Board Appoints Interim President
Jim Lundgren succeeds Alec Hill, who is stepping down following a diagnosis of bone marrow cancer.

From the Blog

How to Dialogue Well with Those Different from You

I’ve noticed a sometimes frustrating theme in my life: most people are different than me and act differently than I do. 

From InterVarsity Press

The Cultivated Life
Sociology professor and spiritual director Susan Phillips walks us through our circuslike cultural landscape to invite us into a cultivated life of spirituality and attentiveness. God extends to us an invitation to live in the garden of grace, and these pages unfold the spiritual practices that can lead us into a new and delightful way of living.
Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys
The gospel of Jesus has not always been good news for Native Americans. But despite the far-reaching effects of colonialism, some Natives have forged culturally authentic ways to follow Jesus. In his final work, Richard Twiss surveys the complicated history of Christian missions among Indigenous peoples and voices a hopeful vision of contextual Native Christian faith.


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