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Sep 29
A New Karen Community in Omaha
InterVarsity staff create a welcoming community for students from refugee families at UNO.
Sep 24
Dr. Patrick Fung - Urbana 15 Expositor
The Scripture focus at Urbana 15 will be on the Gospel of Matthew.
Sep 22
Becoming Courageous at Fresno State
Before Santa arrived at college, she knew that she wanted to get involved with InterVarsity.

From the Blog

The Hard Work of Forgiveness

As I write this, I am actually fighting against God’s invitation to forgive.

From InterVarsity Press

Jesus, the Temple and the Coming Son of Man
Mark 13, the so-called Little Apocalypse, has puzzled readers for generations. Was Jesus speaking of the end-time return of the Son of Man or the coming destruction of Jerusalem or both? How can we know? Robert Stein, a seasoned Gospels scholar, offers an in-depth and insightful commentary on Mark chapter 13, an important and puzzling discourse of Jesus.
Preventing Suicide
Many pastors, chaplains and pastoral counselors play a vital role as agents of hope to people who are struggling, but most of them feel overwhelmed and unprepared to prevent suicides. Informed by her work as a psychologist, Karen Mason's guide to suicide prevention is an essential resource for proactive pastors.


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